The miracle of FASTING Book

The miracle of FASTING Book
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Fasting, The Safe, Perfect Cleanser

Of course, if you are loaded with toxic poisons, fasting will flush these poisons out of the body and you will feel a little uncomfortable, but these are momentary experiences and should cause no concern. This means only that fasting is working for you. You know you are fasting to purify the body of the accumulated toxic poisons and waste. When you feel uncomfortable, you can say to yourself, "This is only temporary. This will pass as soon as these old toxins are flushed out of my body." And what miracle rewards you'll receive for the small, temporary discomfort you may have experienced.

Your eyes become brighter and all the natural senses of the body seem to be sharper! After a fast, your food tastes better ‰ÛÒ the fruits and the vegetables taste so marvelous, because of your newly revitalized taste sense! Your body seems to be tireless and you will sleep like a baby after a fast. There are so many rewards from a fast that only a person who has actually fasted can truly realize the great benefits that are achieved.

Don't Be a Slave to Foods

Most humans are slaves to foods; they must have breakfast, lunch and dinner at regular meal hours every day, year in and year out. They eat whether they are hungry or not, and their poor bodies are burdened by overeating...and usually poor nutrition as well! No wonder we have so many physical wrecks! One of the greatest nutritional teachers in the world, Professor Arnold Ehret, said, "Life is a tragedy of nutrition." How true is the old trite saying, "Man digs his grave with his knife and fork!" Many people never give their stomachs a rest. They continually stuff and work the digestive and eliminative functions with an overabundance of food. This excessive burden means that the functions of digestion and elimination become so overworked and so exhausted that they simply collapse. The entire body then becomes enervated! Millions suffer from fatigue.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Miracle of Fasting

Helps You Enjoy a Super Charged, Healthy, Happy, Long Life
Bragg Motto ‰ÛÒ I Love Life and I Want to Live!
Unhealthy Lifestyle Killing Millions Worldwide!
Sickness is a Crime Against Your Body ‰ÛÒ Don't Be a Criminal
Life Can Be a Happy and Joyous Adventure
Chapter 2: What is the Miracle of Fasting?

What is the Most Significant Discovery of This Modern Age?
Fasting Conserves Energy ‰ÛÒ Your Vital Force
We Live in a Poisoned World
The Big, Filthy Sewer in the Sky Above Us
Rivers, Lakes & Oceans Becoming Polluted
Fasting ‰ÛÒ The Key to Internal Purification
Poisons from Chemical Pesticides & Sprays
Fasting Aids in Flushing Deadly Poisons from the Body
Health Menace ‰ÛÒ Waxed Fruits and Vegetables!
Synthetic, Toxic Food Additives Can Kill
Salt Causes Edema, Kidney Problems, etc.
What Salt Does to Your Blood Pressure
Why Cows are Given Large Amounts of Salt
Americans Are Salt-a-holics!
Death Valley Hike Proved Salt Dangerous
Fasting De-Salts Body Cells and Organs
Fasting is the Great Cleanser and Purifier
Do You Have Harmful Habits You Must Overcome?
Fasting ‰ÛÒ The Key to Super Energy
Fasting ‰ÛÒ A Natural Instinct and Great Purifier
Jesus, His Disciples and Many Great Teachers Fasted
Chapter 3: The Enemy Within Our Bodies

Rid Yourself of Depression
Unhealthy Lifestyle & Overeating are Killers
Why Not Enjoy Life to 120?
Outwit Acidosis that Affects Millions
Raw Fruits and Vegetables Are Mother Nature‰۪s Miracle Cleansers
Your Mind Must Control Your Body Perfect Balancer ‰ÛÒ Apple Cider Vinegar
Chapter 4: Fasting Fights Deadly Acid Crystals

Toxic Acid Crystals Can Cement Your Joints to Make You Stiff
How Toxic Acid Crystals Build in Your Body
Back Pains ‰ÛÒ The Curse of Mankind
Fasting for Purification
Victory Won By Fasting, Diet and Exercise
Mother Nature Works Slowly, But Surely
Chapter 5: Scientific Fasting Explained

Fasting is as Old as Man
Fasting Awakens the Mind and Soul
The Biblical Patriarchs Fasted
Fasting ‰ÛÒ The Safe, Perfect Cleanser
Don‰۪t be a Slave to Food
Plan Your Fasting Program Today
Your Mind Must Rule Your Body to Fast Successfully
No Breakfast Plan is Best
Healthy Eating Habits Keep You Youthful
Americans Love to Eat Socially!
Keeping Internally Clean is Critical
Are You Ready to Fast, Detox and Get Healthy?
Juice Fast ‰ÛÒ an Introduction to Water Fast
Some Powerful Juice Combinations
The 70% Watery Human
Chapter 6: Why I Drink Only Distilled Water!

Hard Inorganic Minerals Cause Problems!
Millions Drink Rain (Distilled) Water
Distilled Water is Best for Your Health
Ten Reasons to Drink Distilled Water (list)
Chapter 7: How Long Should One Fast?

Shorter Fasts Are Better and Safer
Why Should You Fast?
Great Benefits From Short and Long Fasts
Fasting Appreciated Worldwide
Pre-Cleanse For Better Fasting Results
Here is My Fasting Program ‰ÛÒ Which I Recommend
Breaking Health Laws ‰ÛÒ You Pay the Price!
Chapter 8: How to Break a 24 Hour Fast

Follow These Instructions Carefully!
Your Kidneys ‰ÛÒ The Miracle Organs
A Swiss Doctor Was My Human Savior
Keep Your Meals Healthy and Simple
The Vegetarian Diet is Healthiest!
Chapter 9: I Fast 7 to 10 Days, 4 Times a Year

Here‰۪s the Path to Perfect Health!
Fasting Balances Your Thermostat Naturally
Mother Nature Intended the Body and Breath to Be Sweet
Unhealthy Lifestyle Causes Chronic Fatigue
Fasting Pulls Out Toxins and Poisons
Fasting Promotes Healthy Elimination
How to Conduct a 3 Day, 7 Day & 10 Day Fast
Chapter 10: How to Break Long Fasts

How to Break a 7 Day Fast
How to Break a 10 Day Fast
The Ideal Elimination Program
Vegetarianism Versus Meat Eating
Eliminating Meat is Safer & Healthier
Seven of My Beloved Teachers
Chapter 11: Your Tongue Never Lies

The Body Can Take a Lot of Abuse
Learn to Read Your Tongue's Message
Chapter 12: Just Grain and Bear It

Don't Live to Eat ‰ÛÒ Eat to Live & Be Healthy
Give the Vital Force a Chance to Clean House
Chapter 13: Fasting Fights and Removes Mucus

American Diet Forms Mucus and Illness
Mucus Shows Up in the Urine when Fasting
Winter Miseries? Or Body Cleansing?
Take the Mucus Test
Breaking Bad Habits Through Fasting
Deadly Smoking Facts! (list)
Chapter 14: Fasting Melts Away Pounds!

Fat is a Burden and Health Risk!
Fasting Rewards You with Increased Energy
Your Waistline is Your Lifeline & Dateline!
Fasting ‰ÛÒ A Challenge to Improve Your Health & Looks
Do These Exercises Daily
Chapter 15: How to Gain Weight by Fasting

Miracles Happen With Fasting!
Fasting is a Weight Normalizer
The Doctor of the Future (graphic)
Chapter 16: Fasting Fights Winter Miseries

Fast and Rest For Your Healing!
The Body is Self-Healing & Self-Repairing
Premature Ageing (graphic)
Chapter 17: Outwit Premature Aging

Take This Quiz and The Mirror Test
Recharged, So at 70 World Tennis Champ
The Opportunity of Your Lifetime
Chapter 18: Fasting Keeps the Arteries Young

You are as Old as Your Arteries
Shocking Heart Facts About the #1 Killer
What You Eat and Drink Becomes You
Eat Healthy ‰ÛÒ Live Healthy ‰ÛÒ Live Long
The Heart and Circulatory System (graphic)
Healthy Heart Habits For a Long, Vital Life (chart)
Recommended Blood Chemistry Values
You Have Nine Doctors at Your Command
Chapter 19: Doctor Sunshine

Sunshine Brings Peace, Relaxation to Nerves
Gentle Sun Rays are Soothing and Best
Chapter 20: Doctor Fresh Air

Our Body is a Breathing Machine
Deep Breathers Live Longer
India‰۪s Holy Men Practice Deep, Slow Breathing
Deep Breathing ‰ÛÒ Secret of Endurance
Chapter 21: Doctor Pure Water

The Water You Drink Can Make or Break Your Heart
Most Ancient Healers Used Water Therapy
How Our Body Uses Water
Chapter 22: Doctor Good Natural Food

Healthy Foods Build and Maintain Your Body!
Iodine from Kelp is Important
The Effect of Good Food on the Brain
Alcohol, Toxins and Drugs Are Killers!
Refined, Processed Foods Produce Learning Disabled Children
Most Young American Men Are Unfit
American Adults are in a Sad Physical & Mental Condition
Mental, Physical and Spiritual Rewards
Healthy Eating is a Science!
Chapter 23: Doctor Fasting

Chapter 24: Doctor Exercise

The Major Muscles of the Human Body (graphic)
Exercise Normalizes Blood Pressure
Walking for Health, Fitness and Life
Walking ‰ÛÒ The King of Exercise
The Importance of Abdominal Exercises
Should You Exercise While Fasting?
Iron Pumping Oldsters
Amazing Strength Results in 8 Weeks
Study Shows Fitness Improves Wellness
Chapter 25: Doctor Rest

Check Your Mattress (graphic)
Why Do We Rest?
Rest Must Be Earned
Life is Meant to be Enjoyed, Not Hectic & Rushed
Mother Nature Knows What‰۪s Best!
Relax and Enjoy Your Life ‰ÛÒ It‰۪s No Crime
Some Relaxation Techniques
Insomnia Will Vanish
Chapter 26: Doctor Good Posture

Posture Chart (graphic)
Take the Mirror Posture Test
Bragg Posture Exercise
Good Posture is Important For Health
How to Sit, Stand and Walk for Strength, Youthfulness, Health
Illness That Cannot Be Cured By Fasting, Cannot Be Cured
Chapter 27: Doctor Human Mind

Brain Areas (graphic)
Your Body, Your Precious Home ‰ÛÒ Protect It
Correct Thinking Important for Health
Your Mind Must Control Your Body!
Drugs Control Addict‰۪s Mind!
Let Your Mind Guide You to Health!
Miracle Rewards With Fasting
Inner Spiritual Harmony is Important
Chapter 28: Spiritual Aspects of Fasting

Fasting Gives Mental & Physical Awareness
Great Spiritual Leaders Practiced Fasting
My Unforgettable Experience with Gandhi
Fasting Brings Spiritual Rebirth to All Who Cleanse
The Grotto Where Jesus Fasted
The Fast of 40 Days and 40 Nights
A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
Your Body is Your Temple and Needs the Best Care
Take Time for 12 Things (list)
The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 29: The Science of Eating for Super Health

A Tropical Paradise for Health
Eat Simple and Natural to Stay Healthy
Organic Fruits ‰ÛÒ the Prize Food of Man (list)
Nut and Seed List
Organic Vegetables ‰ÛÒ The Purifiers and Protectors
Natural Sweetening Agents
Natural Oils
Natural Whole Grains, Flours and Cereals
Sample Health Menus
Healthy Beverages (recipes)
The Bragg Pep Drink
Vegetable Protein Percentage (chart)
Foods Naturally Rich in Vitamin E (chart)
Phytochemicals Help Prevent Cancer (chart)
Body Signs of Potassium Deficiency (chart)
Avoid These Processed, Refined, Harmful Foods (list)
The Miracles of Apple Cider Vinegar (list)
Chapter 30: Mother Nature Knows No Mercy

Mother Nature Wants Us Clean & Healthy
Which Kind of Person are You?
Alternative Health Therapies
Boron ‰ÛÒ Miracle Trace Mineral for Healthy Bones
Miraculous Testimonials

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