Malic Acid Powder

Product Description

This 2 oz. Food Grade Malic Acid is used in Liver and Gallbladder cleanses and is enough for 2 liver flushes which are 6 days in duration each.

Malic acid helps to soften liver and gallbladder stones, dialate the bile ducts and intrahepatic ducts for an easy and painless release of liver and gallbladder stones from the body (through the colon) while doing a liver/gallbladder flush.

Elaina also uses malic acid in her culinary classes. Malic acid is a great culinary tool to add a touch of sourness to a recipe. And a touch is enough! 1/8-1/4 tsp is usually all you need in recipes. She loves to use malic acid in her morning smoothies to add a sour kick while cleansing her liver! This can also replace lemon or lime in a recipe if you don't have any around! Great in a pinch. 

If you have diabetes, candida or are sugar sensitive, then you are not able to tolerate the sugar in apple juice which is normally prescribed in a liver flush. Some people take Apple cider vinegar instead but it can be strong tasting and eventually unpalatable for some people. An easy solution is to take 1 tsp. of malic acid powder a day mixed with 32 oz. of water or fruity tea with stevia to replace the apple juice or ACV.

Warning!: Be sure, if you are drinking malic acid 3x a day during your flush to rinse your mouth with a solution of water and baking soda to protect your teeth from the acid (baking soda neutralizes acid).

BENEFITS: Malic acid is a natural substance found in fruit and vegetables - one of the richest sources being apples. It is also naturally present in your body's cells and large amounts of it are formed and then eventually broken down again on a daily basis. It possesses many health-related benefits such as boosting immunity, maintaining oral health, reducing the risk of poisoning from a build-up of toxic metals and promoting smoother and firmer skin.

Malic Acid: The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia connection

One of its most significant benefits lies in its ability to stimulate metabolism and increase energy production. This action is linked to the important role it plays in a process known as the Krebs cycle.
Krebs won the Nobel price for physiology in 1953 for describing how a complex series of biochemical reactions takes place within the body's cells to transform proteins, fat and carbohydrates into water and energy. This process requires a constant supply of vitamins, enzymes and chemical agents such as malic acid, in order to keep it functioning properly 24 hours a day.

The Krebs cycle is vital to our very existence and without it energy production would literally grind to a halt. Therefore it is essential that you have adequate supplies of malic acid in order to promote the efficient functioning of this cycle.

Malic acid plays a vital role in improving overall muscle performance, reversing muscle fatigue following exercise, reducing tiredness and poor energy levels, as well as improving mental clarity. These actions can make it a beneficial treatment for sufferers of fibromyalgia and CFS (both these conditions involve muscle pain, joint tenderness and low energy levels).

According to Dr Jay Goldstein, Director of the CFS Institute in the US: 'Malic acid is safe, inexpensive and it should be considered a valid therapeutic approach for patients with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

A six-month study was conducted by scientists working at the Department of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Centre in the US, to examine the efficacy of 1,200mg of malic acid plus 300mg of magnesium a day on 24 fibromyalgia sufferers. Half of the patients were given the active treatment, while the other half only received placebo.

At the end of the study, all of the patients treated with malic acid and magnesium experienced significant improvements in their symptoms - including less pain, reduced muscle stiffness and a more positive mental outlook - without any side effects.

Dr Russell, who led the team of scientists, concluded: 'The data suggest that malic acid and magnesium are safe and may be beneficial in the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia. Future studies should use malic acid at this dose and continue the therapy for at least two months'.

Benefits of malic acid

Malic acid benefits us in many ways. The primary reason we at Pure Joy Planet use it is to cleanse and renew our livers. It helps to soften and break down bile salts and stones in the liver and gallbladder so that they may smoothly and safely exit during a flush. It is also amazing for pulling heavy metals such as aluminum and more from the liver *(aluminium is linked to Alzheimers and liver flushing may have a direct correlation in reversing the effects of this disease).

It aids in improving oral hygiene, promoting healthy skin, increasing energy levels, and helping fibromyalgia.

Malic acid improves oral hygiene by stimulating the production of saliva, which in turn helps fight off bad bacteria inside our mouths, and is a common ingredient found in many rinses and mouth washes.

Malic acid improves skin health because it has a higher buffer capacity at the Ph of the skin acid mantle. Because of this, malic acid is also commonly found in wet wipes, and it helps by restoring the Ph of skin.

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