Online Advanced Plant-Based Chef Certification

Online Advanced Plant-Based Chef Certification
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Congratulations on completing your:

Online Advanced Plant-Based Chef Certification

I hope you enjoyed it. I’m pleased you wish to complete the Advanced certification process!

Here are the next steps for completing your certification:

  1. Submit a payment of $300 via PayPal (invoice has been sent)
  2. Take clear, well-lit photos or videos of each recipe you have created
  3. Make notes on each recipe. Please share your experience of flavor balancing achieving desired textures, and any other ideas you had while preparing.
  4. Email the photos and notes in PDF format to me ( with CHEF CERTIFICATION 2 in the subject line.
  5. Arrange to speak with me via Skype for the final interview (this should be done after you have completed steps 1-4 above.)

___________________________________Upon purchasing this certification option, you will receive a separate PDF documenting highlighting the expectations and instructions plus an example hand-out by one of our online graduate students. 


$ 300.00