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Online Level 1 Certification – Immersion into Raw Cuisine

I hope you enjoyed it. I’m pleased you wish to complete the Level 1 Raw Chef Training with the certification process!

Here are the next steps for completing your certification:

  1. Submit a payment of $300 via PayPal (invoice has been sent)
  2. Take clear, well-lit photos or videos of each recipe you have created
  3. Make notes on each recipe. Please share your experience of flavor balancing achieving desired textures, and any other ideas you had while preparing.
  4. Email the photos and notes in PDF format to me ( with CHEF CERTIFICATION 1 in the subject line.
  5. Arrange to speak with me via Skype for the final interview (this should be done after you have completed steps 1-4 above.)

Check out an example from one of our recent grad’s submissions on the next page!

Neat  Balls  Experiment   by  Kazuyo May  11 ,   2015

This was one of the very last recipes I tried although it was listed before the dessert section. I had to get myself used to getting the soaked nuts and soaked and dehydrated nuts ready. It takes time management and organization to get all the ingredients, at least for me.

I do not care for the extremely hot peppers. I used Cayenne pepper powder instead of habanero or jalapeno peppers.

The first attempt result was beyond my expectation. The flavor was so deep. I made balls and some flat patties. I almost could not stop eating them. My sons told me they were very   tasty.

I ended up making 3 batches right after another. The 2nd time became almost a failure because I cut corners (good learning lesson!) and used dehydrated sunflower seeds that I had on hand. Because I only have Vita Mix, I could not grind the sunflower seeds small enough with other ingredients – it   got too thick to blend in Vita Mix even I tried to blend in small batches. The mixture had very hard pieces of sunflower seeds. I was really sad that this happened because I did not want to waste the mixture. After brainstorming the ideas how to proceed, I came up with an idea to let the mixture   rest with extra water (small amount) to allow the hard pieces to soak moisture and become softer.

I put it in the oven pan and covered it with the foil to keep the moisture in. I left it in the room for a few hours. It turned out that not only this worked, but also the flavor got really incorporated in the mixture and the end result was beyond my words!   This batch came out better than the first one.

The third time I added more veggies chunks to give more texture, flavors and the colors. I added chopped onions, carrots, red bell peppers and kale. This batch came out too dry. I needed more wetness. Also what I noticed was how long I blend the nuts/seeds. The longer I do by only a little, the natural oil from them seem to come out and give enough grease in the mixture. This became one of my favorite bites! The center photo below has my own mustard and ketchup and the photo on the right has my almond mayo on top over zucchini pasta with macadamia Alfredo sauce.

Everything was yum!!!!!

$ 300.00