Eat E-Z Ultra Digestive Enzymes {Extra Strength} 90 caps

Product Description

This is our Ultimate Digestive Therapy Formula

I believe supplementing with enzymes is extremely important for energy, cleansing and overall good health. Giving your body exogenous enzymes to give it a way to break down fibrin and other inflammatory debris that accumulates is crucial.We live in a modern world (unless you are living in a cave somewhere)and everything from grains, sugar, fluoride, prescription drugs, alcohol, burnt food, processed food, irradiation, pesticides & herbicides (especially glyphosate from Roundup)  )on food and in our environment, all deplete our precious enzymes. If you ever feel sluggish after a meal or need to take a nap, you need enzymes. That's the body signal that it is focusing all its energy on digesting heavy food or detoxing chemicals in your food and doesn't have extra energy for your daily activities. 

Promotes Maximum Digestion of:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fibers
  • Fats

Promotes Maximum Suppression of:

  • Gas and Bloating

This formula is what we recommend for anyone doing our liver flush cleanses, anyone with a comprised immune system, autoimmune symptoms, or over digestive distress. 

Elaina's recommendation for increased digestion, bowel health, and increased energy after meals: 2 Eat E-Z Ultra Enzymes before or with a meal (or for a higher fat meal, 1 Eat E-Z Ultra, and 2 Lipase+)

"What if I forget to take my enzymes with my meal?"  If you forget to take your enzymes before or with your meal, anytime within an hour after eating is fine. The reason this works is that the enzymes will help break down the food you've already eaten or anything lingering in your stomach or colon that is having a hard time digesting such as excess proteins or fats. So if your belly is distended with food, or you feel sluggish after eating, this is a great time to take enzymes. They will start working on anything in your system to melt it, break down and pass it out of your system in a timely manner.  


Our products are made only with quality ingredients that we would take ourselves daily. 

  • Plant-based formula
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • No artificial color or flavor
  • All-natural

  • CoActiv-8™

    In their natural environment, enzymes require co-factors to work at their full potential. Our industry-leading scientists have formulated an all-natural blend of enzyme enhancers called CoActiv-8™, and it is included in all our products.

    Made in the USA

    We love this company as they have been in Chino, California since 1985, producing enzymes for consumers, retailers, doctors, as well as other enzyme companies. We carry their Eat E-Z Lipase and Floracor IG formula for yeast and candida. 

    $ 38.99