Certified Organic Raw Nori Sheets (50 pack)

Product Description

- Certified Organic by USDA & EcoCert

- Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union

- Never heated over 85 degrees, dried NOT toasted.

- We test Every Harvest at an independent lab in USA for all contaminants and radiation

- 50 Sheets per pack, Zipper Top Resealable package.

- Full size sushi sheets 8.5" x 7.5"

Izumi uses only 1 species (Porphyra Yezoensis) in ALL of our Nori production. This species is in the Red/Purple Algae family and considered the Highest in Nutrition. ALL of our Nori Sheets, Flakes, and Powder are made from Porphyra Yezoensis and only the top 15 to 20 percent of Harvest makes our grade for item production.


  • Make nori rolls using shredded or julienne veggies, avocado and sprouts
  • Dehydrate into a crack using leftover dips, dressings or pates! Try this dip dehydrated on a nori sheet. http://purejoyplanet.com/recipes/sunflower-onion-dip/
$ 20.00

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