Enema Bucket (1.5 quart / 48oz size)

Enema Bucket (1.5 quart / 48oz size)
Product Description

This is Elaina's first choice for an enema kit because it is clear so you can see how much liquid is in the bucket, how much is leaving the bucket and is especially helpful and useful for wheatgrass implants.

  • 1 ½ quart size-easily accommodates the amount of fluid needed for an enema
  • Open bucket top-allows for easy pouring of enema fluids into the bucket (such as coffee, herbal teas, etc. )
  • See-through bucket sides-allows for easy viewing of liquid levels while taking an enema
  • Easy to clean-just clean with soap and water
  • Nontoxic polyethylene tubing (instead of toxic polyvinylchloride tubing)
  • Easy to use clamp to gently regulate fluid flowing through the tubing
  • Latex Free!

If you need instructions on an enema procedure, follow these instructions


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