Fiskar's Rollsharp Knife Sharpener {For Mac Knife}

Knife Sharpener
Product Description

Rollsharp by Fiskars sharpens any knife including pocket knives, filet knives and even axes. Transparent cover snaps open for easy cleaning. This is the easiest, simplest tool to sharpen and hone your MAC knives. It is important for safety that your knife stays very sharp at all times to avoid excessive pressure and slippage when slicing and chopping. After just a few strokes, imagine your knife slicing easily through tomato and bell pepper skins!

This is a compact and lightweight sharpener that will hang out of your way for easy storage. It is also adaptable for left- or right-handed use. It features two stone sharpening rods for reshaping worn blades and two tuning rods for smoothing inside the blades. The course rods remove imperfections while the fine rods restore the blade. All you have to do is slide the knife's blade through and back for a super-sharp edge that holds, especially on high-quality Japanese MAC knives which are known for holding a sharp edge. We recommend wooden or bamboo cutting boards to preserve the life of your knife and the edge of the blade.

This is THE sharpener officially recommended by MAC Knife Corporation!

$ 16.00