Raw Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii | Whole Nut 16 oz

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Our Raw Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii are premium quality with a creamy buttery taste and the perfect crunch. No broken pieces or bottom of the barrel nuts. These are ideal for making vegan cheeses, sauces, cheesecakes, frostings, and cookies.

Macadamia nuts contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with significant health-boosting potential. They contain high amounts of vitamin B1 and magnesium, and just one serving nets 58 percent of what you need in manganese and 23 percent of the recommended daily value of thiamin.

Macadamias are also relatively low in carbs and protein (containing two percent per one-ounce serving), high in oleic acid and omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid, the same fatty acid found in olive oil. In fact, of the 21 grams of fat found in macadamia nuts, only three grams are saturated fats. This fat combination helps reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides, a type of body fat.

  • Heart-healthy source of fat
  • Aid in weight loss - increasing fat metabolism and reducing fat storage
  • Curb sugar cravings by keeping you satisfied longer
  • Support Brain health because of the oleic acids
  • High in manganese and magnesium which is excellent for teeth and bones
  • High in fiber - good for the gut
  • Lower in omega 6's, which cause inflammation - pecans contain 3.7g per 100g, almonds 3.4g, and cashews 2.2g compared to 0.36g macadamias.
    About the product
    • Ingredients include only Raw Macadamia Nuts Whole (100%)
    • Freshest quality, no bitterness
    • Raw, not roasted or salted
    • This is a high-demand product and sells out quickly. Please limit the quantity to 3 lbs each.

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