Sea Moss - WHOLESALE 25 LBS | Wildcrafted

Sea Moss - WHOLESALE 25 LBS | Wildcrafted
Product Description


Packaged in 1 pound bag


The process of spreading naturally grown seaweed, sea moss, or some refer to as Irish moss over large areas in the sun for its naturally bleaching effect. Our producers add no artificial fertilizers, chemicals, or bleach in the drying or manufacturing process. This product is grown naturally in the ocean.

Our Sea moss which is known in Jamaica as Irish moss is a seaweed that's cultivated and harvested in the ocean.  

Sea moss can be used in shakes, as a health drink, as a thickener ingredient for cakes, ice cream, gravies, etc. Also, it can be used like Jell-O or simply eaten raw.

Sea moss is wholesome, natural, God's gift to mankind right from the ocean. Try some today!

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