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Dates: May 7th - 10th, 2020

Location: Grace Grove, Sedona AZ

Who this Retreat is for: Men, Women, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers and Couples who want to hit the reset button, discover their unique and ideal diet, shed toxins, and connect with nature and like-minded people. All ages over 18.

Have you been curious about eating a clean keto diet while enjoying the pleasures of a retreat? Experience an immersive cleansing, green keto lifestyle with Elaina Love, Katelyn Louise of Pure Joy Planet. Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorite worldly vortex centers where we help others transform their lives. This experience is designed for you to be fully immersed in nature while nourishing and supporting your body through food as medicine – whole, fresh, natural. We will be reconnecting to our roots, grounding into mother nature, indulging in delicious high vibe organic low carb meals, hiking the hills of Sedona, practicing yoga, meditating and much more.

At times, hearing your own inner voice can be extremely difficult amid all the static of the modern world. Especially when it comes to food. With so much dogma, misinformation, and the bombardment of social media in general, it can be hard to sort through the noise. The bottom line is that eating more plants, eating less sugar, getting more exercise, creating more positive thoughts, being in more loving relationships (romantic or friendships), having a more fulfilling job…all of these things contribute to better health, happiness, and quality of life. 


Sedona Keto Vegan

The menu has been specifically designed to shift the body and mind from craving sugar to using alkalizing green foods and healthy fats for fuel. All of the ingredients are organic, fresh, seasonal, plant-based, rich in superfoods, gluten-free, grain-free, and keto-friendly. Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, shedding excess toxins and weight while satisfying your taste buds.

We focus on the macro and micronutrients that are required for a healthy balanced plant-based ketogenic lifestyle. We teach you how to find your rhythm for your unique body and needs once your cells and clean and clear.


Retreat Leader - USA - Elaina Love is an expert in cleansing, hormone balancing over 50, low carb high-fat diet for hormone healing and weight loss. She has guided hundreds of women through their own hormonal journeys and will be your guide to healing through her protocol.  

Retreat Leader - Canada - Katelyn Louise specializes in healing autoimmune through low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods. She is passionate about detox since she was able to renew her health by cleansing and nourishing her own body. 

Chef - Canada - Liz Perras is a cancer survivor and her healing journey began when her immune system was at its lowest. As a Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef, she uses healthy superfoods and alternatives to help heal the body and give you more energy and vitality. She offers workshops and retreat cheffing. All organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, low glycemic and keto-friendly. 

Through their combined knowledge, experience, and wisdom Elaina and Kate have created this powerful Sedona Wellness Retreat. Here you can relax while learning more about an unprocessed, plant-strong ketogenic diet lifestyle and how this way of eating can boost your immune system, give you more energy, help you lose weight and support your health and fitness, without any hardship or deprivation.

"My heart is in overload at the moment, I never ever thought I would feel this way. The amazing ladies I met to our most amazing perfect staff made me feel I was at home. I had not idea I would get home, think about our amazing conversations, food etc and start to weep. You all brought something into my life I have never ever excepted to happen~cuz I am a strong women right? No I am where I am supposed to be supporting other people now in my place. Elaina Love Katelyn, Ali, Liz you simply made me realize how precious life is and what we can do to others to make things better. Its not all about being perfect in our eating, loving, living. But how we one moment at a time can be a stronger better women to make others feel they are appreciated and loved not matter what. To all the sweet ladies at the retreat, thanks for being raw and most of approachable you will forever be in my heart and soul. Until we meet again, much love joy peace and yummy eating to all!" Donna – July 2019 

What You Will Learn

  • DAILY HEALING, ORGANIC GOURMET MEALS, SNACKS, DESSERTS, AND MORE – all of our food is plant-based, gluten-free, grain-free, organic, and ketogenic. Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, shedding excess toxins and weight while satisfying your taste buds. 
  • DAILY YOGA AND GROUP GUIDED MEDITATION to move our bodies and release toxins from the body gently and naturally
  • GUIDED MEDITATION SESSIONS introduction to guided meditation to get quiet and connect to what our souls need
  • DAILY HOLISTIC NUTRITION, DETOX TALKS, AND DISCUSSIONS so you know exactly why and how to implement the teachings at home. From hormone balancing to blood sugar testing, learn what you need to level up your health and wellness program.
  • THE LATEST HEALTH AND BIOHACKING DISCUSSIONS Learn the latest and greatest in everything men and women's wellness, hormones, nutrition, and spirituality. 
  • INSTRUCTIONAL COOKING WORKSHOPS Learn how to make the food served on retreat with instructional cooking lessons.
  • DAILY OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, HIKES, HOT AND COLD SPRINGS, AND NATURE! We feel nature is just as important as the food you eat. Nourish your lungs and cells with fresh air and water from the red rocks.
  • 4-WEEK GUIDED ONLINE KETO GONE GREEN PROGRAM – PERSONALIZED IN-DEPTH NUTRITION GUIDANCE. The support doesn’t end after the retreat. Join our Keto Gone Green Coaching tribe for life!  Stay in the conversation. connect deeper with the team and your fellow retreat participants.


Sedona has developed a worldwide reputation as a place of enlightenment. Powerful vortexes are believed to unleash an energy field that is conducive to spiritual healing, meditation, and self-exploration. For many people, arriving in Sedona is just the beginning of their journey. This is home to a large community that promotes a variety of alternative healing and spiritual practices. There are wellness shops, crystal shops, and boutiques scattered throughout the town. In addition, many of Sedona’s spas offer Native American-inspired treatments using indigenous materials like red rock clay and local plants. Anyone on a journey of self-discovery will find Sedona provides!


Located on 25 acres, Grace Grove is an ormk9ganically elegant retreat center, an oasis in the desert. Features include infrared sauna, Oak Creek waterfront, trails, fireplace, & volleyball court, Rooftop deck for stargazing, Yoga Barn w/wood burning stove and cooler and yoga mats, Thai mats, etc. Property is secluded and only 20 minutes from Sedona.

The rooms have organic mattresses and locally crafted wood furniture to ensure that there are no forms of toxins in the environment.

Please note: This is NOT a luxury 5-star resort experience. This is a chance to sleep and BE with nature in it’s finest form, taking in the beauty and energy that Sedona provides.


  • $1299 – Price includes a shared room2 LEFT
  • $999 - Onsite Camping, gear provided
  • $899 – Offsite: book your own accommodations offsite
  • $299 – Deposit to secure your spot: if you don't want to pay upfront. Pay the rest in payments that work for you up until 30 days prior to arrival

*Space is limited to 20. Book in advance to secure your spot.* 

*Deposits are non-refundable* please check our FAQ page 

Email or call 520-314-0762 for more information



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