Keto Before 6 | Get Into Ketosis Faster

Product Description

Keto Before 6™ is a revolutionary formula that supports the benefits of a ketogenic diet while allowing greater dietary freedom. Keto Before 6™ supports a standard keto diet throughout the day with the flexibility to enjoy carbohydrates at dinnertime.

Keto Before 6™ rapidly returns the body to ketosis in a matter of hours, rather than weeks. This allows a more well-rounded, sustainable diet that supports a healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance, and cellular regeneration.

The lipid nanoparticles in this formula offer enhanced absorption, which is critical for enabling the body to move quickly and effectively into a ketogenic state. The best way to test your ketone levels is with a blood ketone meter.

This is NOT an exogenous ketone supplement. This is a product that supports the body's ability to transition from sugar burning into fat burning. Meaning, it helps you get into ketosis, and quickly! You may have seen our little video from Paleofx where we first discovered it and geeked out with the scientists behind it. The company that formulated it, Quicksilver Scientific, is a leading liposomal supplement formulation company and extremely cutting edge in the health industry. 
From Elaina - "I can't wait to share with you a new product Kate, and I have been using. It is a spectacular KETO booster that is different than exogenous ketones (aka beta-hydroxybutyrates -BHB). It works with your body to put you into ketosis (even if you have a few extra carbs at night). I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and even while traveling in Europe. I've been experiencing a lower appetite, even more energy, no desire to indulge in sweets or carbs, and very balanced moods, even when I'm hungry or tired. I have been in ketosis since I started using it. It's called Keto Before 6, and the active ingredients are a magical combination of things, which I can only guess is what makes it so effective. And it tastes like cinnamon! We have decided to carry this in our store, so you too can experience the benefits of being in a continuous fat burning mode!"

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