Keto Choco-Maca Milkshake Mix

Product Description
  • Organic, ceremonial grade cacao to enhance your mood
  • Organic maca powder to balance your hormones
  • You can make it hot in a hot chocolate, or cold in a milkshake blended with coconut milk or even mix it with your vegan ice cream
  • Hint of organic cayenne to improve digestion and enhance the flavor
  • Contains 10 servings


Cacao powder*, Cacao Nibs*, Maca Powder*, Chia Seeds*, Cayenne*, Pink Salt*


Blend as a milkshake or blend with hot water.  We love a dash of nut milk. And if you prefer, a sweetener of your choice (e.g. monkfruit, honey, stevia). Blend into your daily smoothie. Sprinkle on waffles or bake with cookies. And it tastes especially delicious on top of vegan ice cream. Choco-Maca Recipes Included With Every Purchase.

The perfect holiday gift paired with our Keto Vegan Holiday Ebook!

10 oz

$ 24.99