Medicine Flower Recipe Ebook

Medicine Flower Recipe Ebook
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If you have tried my recipes, you know how much I love adding lots of flavor to my food! I especially love our C02 extract Medicine Flower essences. They have 10 times the concentrated flavor of an extract with none of the questionable glycerin or alcohol that most extracts contain. Cutting back on sugar? No problem! Add 1-3 drops of a fruit essence to any smoothie, dessert, or even your daily water and turn it into a fruity sensation with no sugar added!

At Pure Joy Academy, we especially love the coffee essence because not only is it CO2 extracted, but it also has NO caffeine! Only pure coffee bean flavor. Interesting right? Add 2-3 drops to your favorite morning beverage or even to our Chocolate Clusters! You can now delight your taste buds with a hot beverage without getting a caffeine spike! We have our extra-large coffee essence available and it will last for 3 years.

Check out all the flavors here or watch the video on all the exciting things you can do with these essences - think homemade jams, frostings, and even candles and body butters…

How to use your essences:

  • 1 tsp. regular extract = 6 drops essence
  • In water or fat-free liquids = 1 drop any essence per 1 quart of liquid
  • For nut milks, puddings, and recipe that contain fat = 6-8 drops

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