Premier Tomato Powder

Product Description

A delicious food complement! This tomato concentrate is created using premier-quality tomatoes and a low-temperature, air-dried process. Enjoy a delicious power drink in seconds! This functional Super Food is in a category by itself and features lycopene and potassium. Our concentrate is free of fillers, sweeteners or artificial flavor enhancers. One-Minute Power Food Tomato Drink: Mix 1 tablespoon of Premier Tomato with 1 cup cold water; add 1 tablespoon Premier Nutritional Flakes, 1/2 teaspoon Premier EFAs and Premier Pink Salt to taste. One-Minute Power Food Tomato Soup: Mix 1 tablespoon of Premier Tomato with 1 cup hot water. Add Premier Pink Salt, Premier Nutritional Flakes and Premier EFAs to taste. One-Minute Tomato Sauce/Salad Dressing: Mix 1 tablespoon of Premier Tomato with 2 tablespoons Premier Olive Oil and 1/4 cup water; add seasonings to taste.

Premier Tomato is a raw, unheated, untreated concentrate containing 100% of its active enzymes and nutrients.  Besides containing an incredible 67 mg per tablespoon of lycopene, it also contains a whopping 95 mg per tablespoon of potassium, an important mineral for the kidney, heart, blood, muscle and nervous system.  Premier Tomato from South America is completely free of pesticides or chemical residues.  Due to the pristine growing environment in South America (with rich soil and pure water), this powder contains an extremely high level of naturally occurring lycopene.  This gives the consumer not only one of the highest lycopene concentrates but also the full gamut of the tomato's other associated nutrients which helpfully metabolize the lycopene.

Our PRL Tomato Powder is also perfect for making homemade ketchup, sauces, and crackers, more! It also tastes great in soups, smoothies, salads and vegetable juices.

$ 19.99