Sundried Olivico Olives (pitted), Chili

Product Description

No olives you ever try after these will compare! These olives may ruin other olives for you! Don't say we didn't warn you! These are our chili flavored addition.

Keto, Low Carb, High-Fat Snack, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw

These organic, sun-dried, Peruvian olives are ripe with rich flavor and a smooth and creamy texture. Tangy with minerals and aji chilis, these add tons of flavor when tossed with raw pasta, used in salads, or just for snacking on, right out of the bag. These olives are harvested when fully ripe, then sun-dried and lightly salt-cured with herbs and chilis. Amazing!

These delicious Peruvian olives are our personal favorite. We know you will LOVE them!

8-ounce bag (approximately 50 olives)

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