Ultra-Phos Liquid

Ultra-Phos Liquid
Product Description


Ingredients: Ortho-Phosphoric Acid (Phosphorus, Ultra-phos, Ultra phos or Ultraphos), Choline Bitrate, Inositol.

Directions for Using Ultra-Phos:

Take 30 drops of Ultra-Phos diluted in 8 ounces of water, This is to be done three times a day for three days before doing the Gallbladder Flush.

Plan to begin the Ultra-Phos two days before the day you plan to do the Gallbladder Flush. You will continue taking the Ultra-Phos on the same day you will be doing the Gallbladder Flush. The Ultra-Phos is a little bitter, so you may want to dilute it even more or mix it in juice.

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