Warming Winter Elixirs Online Webinar

Product Description

If you’ve ever been interested in medicinal mushrooms, elixirs or Chinese herbs but don’t know where to begin, or want to boost your immunity naturally this winter – then this class is for you! Skip the flu shots, add in these powerful healing allies. Learn how to make your own delightful and medicinal herbal elixirs using medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga and traditional Chinese herbs like ashwagandha, he shou wu, and rehmannia.

We’ll teach you all you need to know to make your own creamy warming and delicious elixirs at home, going through all the steps together. We’ll send you home with suggested recipes to try, as well as general ideas about which herbs are best suited to this form, and which maladies respond best to it.

This class will be inspiring, warm and lively. No prior experience necessary! Vegan Holiday Nog and Immune Boosting Coconut Elixirs awaits you! All ingredients are the highest quality organic, gluten-free, and plant-based so you can enjoy with ease! 


The comfort of your own home or office! This class be an instructional  and interactive live webinar. You will receive the link upon registeration.


  • How to brew your own tonic teas.
  • How to use medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga, and other traditional chinese herbs.
  • Where to source the best quality superfoods and superherbs.
  • Essential and long lasting immune health for winter
  • Chocolate Medicinal Mushroom Elixir Recipe
  • Hormone Happy Elixir Recipe
  • De-Stress and Chill Elixir Recipe
  • Brain and Qi Building Elixir Recipe
  • Butternut Nog Elixir with cardamom, cloves, and hemp milk shake  infused with our reishi, ashwagandha, and cordydeps.


Watch is anytime!



 All skill levels are welcome!

$ 20.00